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You expect a comprehensive list of service offerings from a marketing outsourcing company - and that's just what you get with Patton & Patton.

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"Sparkling," "classy" and "right-on-target" are examples of client feedback after yet another successful event we have run.

P&P Marketing can manage your next event either using your established providers or by calling on our network of event personnel. We will work with your budget to give the most bang for the buck while relieving you of the day-to-day headaches.

For small budgets, we have handled it from scratch in a short timeline creating an intimate venue for a few dozen attendees.

We have also directed company teams for large budget year-long projects culminating in a week-long series of events for hundreds of participants.

Whatever the size of your event, P&P can make it happen, on-time and on-budget while making each of your valued customers feel special.


P&P Marketing has been seeing the need for, and creating, promotional materials for many years. Whether for internal or external use by your company, we first analyze the anticipated audience to determine what buttons to push with the promo piece. After discussion with you, we prepare layouts for your approval and work with your technical people to extract content and convert to a strong message for your customer base.

Our promotional materials have ranged from technical datasheets to 20-page brochures, from free pens to Caribbean vacations, from case studies to in-person "happy customer" presentations.

We are familiar with the standard channels such as direct mail, billboard and trade journal advertisements and direct salesperson support.

P&P is also on top of modern channels of email (both unsolicited and opt-in), live and archived webcasts, live and annotated presentations and CD-ROMs.

Whether you need a simple one page flyer, a 500 product hyperlinked PDF electronic sales catalog, or a new corporate identity with full graphic guidelines - P&P can get it done for you.


P&P has designed and successfully executed dozens of campaigns for product and concept launches and general image building.

The campaigns have varied according to the market pre-analysis, segmentation and results desired. We have gotten there first, developing new market with cutting edge technology. We are also comfortable regaining lost market share with mid-tier products.

We work equally well whether we are joining a solid campaign that is already moving full speed ahead, or helping you get your hands around how to launch a completely new concept.

P&P can design a winning campaign for you and run it to conclusion, with a post-study analysis.

Examples of our work include several launches of multi-million dollar capital equipment products, an internal corporate e-learning initiative for a 4-billion euro firm, and a post-acquisition image-building campaign to regain a 60 million dollar product market.

Give us a try - you'll like our combination of flexibility and professionalism.


Strong research is at the core of every successful marketing initiative. P&P is familiar with both qualitative and quantitative research, and the appropriate uses of each.

P&P can analyze your market, perform a SWOT analysis, segment your customers, get user feedback, and recommend a plan of action.

Our research work has ranged from quick take-the-pulse telesurveys to intensive primary and secondary research to ascertain the effects of a merger-based corporate brand change. In most cases a comprehensive report accompanied a verbal presentation of the study findings.

We are ready to help you explore reactions to beta-concepts, define key customer values and weights, and test-market products. We have experience with many different survey methods, including telesurveys, postal surveys, on-line web-based surveys, and in-person surveys at exhibits and conferences.

P&P is your affordable choice for fast, flexible, professional research.


We cut our teeth on presentations back in the days of 35mm slides, recognizing the power of PowerPointTM early on. It took impressive results to wean salespeople away from their precious slide cartridges - but we did it!

Whatever kind of content you need in your presentation, we've probably done it.

Back when the competition was still using overhead transparencies, we were breaking new ground with electronic presentations.

For example, several years ago we used the Quake game engine to model a piece of equipment. We then took the audience on a guided tour of the product as if they were in the mill - complete with moving parts, sound and people.

Nowadays, the bar has been lifted. We have moved past video clips into Flash animations and live webcasts for simultaneous participants from 8 time zones and 11 countries. We can model your entire product porfolio in a
comprehensive suite of presentations.

Nobody develops presentations better than P&P!


P&P has been improving the copy of other marketers for many years. Our specialty is taking foreign copy translated into English and reworking it for the United States and Canadian audience, correcting grammar, adding punch-up or local terminology as necessary, and improving readability.

We also enjoy talking to your customers! The "happy customer" story is one of the most effective means of promoting your products, and we have travelled around the world to meet with, and draw out positive comments from product users. The results have been turned into powerful tools such as case studies, advertisements and presentations.

There's no substitute for quality journalism, and P&P has access to the best writers. Give us your goal for the piece, a contact or two, and turn us loose! You'll be impressed by the completeness, quality and depth of our finished copy - all at an affordable price.

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