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Our promotional materials range from single page datasheets and tri-fold brochures up to 20-page brochures with accompanying CDs. Paper, hyperlinked PDFs, targetted emails and CD-ROMs are a few of our distribution forms.
We have designed and executed dozens of campaigns for product and concept launches and general image building. We can consult and draft a plan, then walk away. Or we can handle any or all elements of the proposed campaign, as you wish.
From research to complete campaigns, we’ve done it all. Our research work has ranged from quick take-the-pulse telesurveys to intensive primary and secondary research. We can analyze your market, perform a SWOT analysis, segment your customers, get user feedback, and recommend a plan of action.
Working within your parameters, we can develop the perfect presentation for you. We cut our teeth on presentations back in the days of 35mm slides and overhead transparencies. Nowadays we have moved past video clips into standalone animated presentations and live webcasts

We can also help you with your newsletters, trade journals and technical manuals. Whether it’s a weekly web article or a monthly industry newsletter - we can provide the editorial and layout you need, taking the stress off you and your personnel.

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