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Our peers say...


"Patton is very professional when handling large congresses. We have provided complex AV solutions for him during the annual Montreal PaperWeek for many years. He has made sure that the logistics of the presentations ran smoothly. These events included intensive
AV requirements with giant screen projection, cameras, switchers, sound systems for 300 participants, as well as live Internet webcasts (audio, video & slides). The result of his conscientious work is a successful meeting each year!"
Marc Boileau,


"I have had the privilege of working with Patton since April, 2003. He is professional, true to his word, always on schedule. While contributing to his "Up and Running" web newsletter project, I get to see the high caliber work he
generates. It's nice to have a collaborator I can count on."
Andy White,
Hipshot Cartoons


"Ward has an innate ability to size up a situation in a very short period of time. On our first Photo Shoot I could tell that Ward thinks Visually. He knew exactly how a composite photo was going to work, lighting, angle and every detail
needed. Weeks later the finished product was a very clean, artistic Sell Sheet that seemed to fit my favorite motto:
'PICTURES TELL MORE THAN WORDS!' Ward is the man who can can give you a fresh new approach to go to Market with."
Tom Clabough,
Clabough Photography


"We have enjoyed working with Ward on market research surveys, product sales, and contact database building programs. We communicate frequently during each project to ensure results are on-time, on-target and within the budget. His programs seem to work because he brings an intelligent and organized plan to the task."
Rich Madzel,
Custom Telemarketing Solutions

"Patton and Towsley's have had a working relationship for over 15 years. His skills at engineering a project: programmed, creative, on time, and on budget are exceptional. He has a knack for picking the incentive that fits perfectly with an event or direct mailing. It has been a privilege to work with him."
Bill Niedermeyer,
Towsley's Inc.

"Having worked with Ward on many printing projects throught the past years, our staff is continually amazed at his ability to simultaneously handle a multitude of projects accurately and effectively. Ward's winning attidude has won our group over to enthusiastically participate in reaching his project goals. He is decisive, action oriented, and thinking one step ahead of the situation. Ward has a full understanding of the results required for the media projects and he doesn't get lost in the details. In short, Ward gets it!"
Kevin Korkow,

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