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Our Clients Say...

"I was amazed at how you took the opening and closing ceremonies and put so such pizzazz into them. You really made a lasting impression ... fantastic job."
Dan Meyer, Conference Chair
Boy Scouts of America


"The fundraising for this project required extraordinary diplomacy and tenacity. And every sponsor felt they got their money's worth with one of the best Gala Events in the history of our trade organization!"
Don Hildebrand, President

"...an excellent understanding of marketing. When Ward is handling a project, I always feel confident that things will go smoothly. He is a 'pro" who does what it takes to create the best possible program, marketing piece or event. People respect his talent and respond to his leadership. Ward has the ability to immediately know what has to be done to begin a marketing project and the actions and direction needed to keep it on track."
Glenn Ostle, VP Marketing
Metso Corporation

"I have a few “go-to” people I depend on to provide input for TAPPI’s business development efforts. Simply put Ward is one of them. I find he provides great input on topics ranging from the specifics of a promotional message to helping develop complex strategies of entering new markets. I trust his input and seem to always find myself going back for more!"
Eric Fletty, Business Development Mgr

"...Patton made a significant contribution to [our] marketing in North America. He broadened our multi-media presentation portfolio, taking our message to a new level of exposure, audience and image quality. [He] implemented a state-of-the-art in-booth theatre, and broke ground with a first-ever 'technology seminar' for dozens of customers at a major conference which increased traffic to our booth."
Roger Astell, Marketing Director
Valmet Converting [UK/Italy]

"[Patton] was able to convert our needs into easy-to-use solutions ... [and] has worked with us for over 20 years. We
continue to rely on him and could not maintain internally the expertise he provides. [Patton] has demonstrated his
ability to innovate, build flexibility, and be responsible for his work product. Best of all, although in another city, he is only a phone call away."
Octavio Tejeda, President
Soils & Engineering Services

"I have cooperated with Ward in marketing for several years and he has always been very skillful, well-organized and flexible. With his knowledge of the North American market and his marketing and IT skills Ward has been a valuable member of our marketing team. He has also been able to meet even the tightest schedules"
Leena Färm, Mktg Mgr
Metso Corporation [Finland]

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